Connect Premium

OneCallAlert bundles more value into every product we offer. Connect Premium is no different! For just $5/month, you receive several great benefits that can save you hundreds every year.

Protect yourself from costly replacements of lost or damaged equipment through our Connect Premium program. Frequently, customers pay upwards of $300 for replacing lost, stolen or damaged equipment. With Connect Premium, you could pay nothing (or just a small deductible where applicable) and save hundreds! 


Lifetime Price Guarantee –The standard rate of your service plan with OneCallAlert will never increase as long as you maintain your Connect Premium service (Promotional discounts do not apply).


Great Discounts on select OneCallAlert Services and Products:


  • 25% off the cost of Fall Button (the charged amount may be less than the total amount shown. The discount will be applied after the order is placed.)
  • 30 Extra Pings per month for Location Detection on the Connect portal ($60/year value)


$60.00 /year
$30.00 /6 months
$15.00 /3 months
$5.00 /month