Top Reasons People Fall in Their Home: The Statistics

In this series, we will provide information on falls and what can be done to prevent them from leading authorities like the Centers for Disease Control.

Senior Fall Statistics:

  • The risk of falling increases with age and is greater for women than men.

  • Annually, falls are reported by one-third of all people 65 and older.

  • Two-thirds of those who fall will fall again within six months.

  • Falls are the leading cause of death from injury among people 65 or over.

  • Approximately 9,500 deaths in older Americans are associated with falls each year. The elderly account for seventy-five percent of deaths from falls.

  • More than half of all fatal falls involve people 75 or over, only 4 percent of the total population.

  • Among people 65 to 69, one out of every 200 falls results in a hip fracture, and among those 85 or over, one fall in 10 results in a hip fracture.

  • One-fourth of those who fracture a hip die within six months of the injury.

  • The most profound effect of falling is the loss of independent functioning. Twenty-five percent of those who fracture a hip require life-long nursing care. About 50 percent of the elderly who sustain a fall-related injury will be discharged to a nursing home rather than return home.

  • Most falls do not result in serious injury. However, there is often a psychological impact. Approximately 25 percent of community-dwelling people 75 or over unnecessarily restrict their activities because of fear of falling.

  • The majority of the lifetime cost of injury for people 65 or over can be attributed to falls.

Sources: Centers for Disease Control, Colorado State University 

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