Halloween Safety Tips for the Elderly

One Call Alert in-home medical alert monitoring system can help provide peace of mind for older loved ones and their families. Re-posted from a blog by Pati Rader of CSA.  Read the complete blog here.

Halloween Safety Tips for Elders

  • Keep all floors, entry ways and porches free of decorations.

  • Add night lights to hallways, walkways and rooms, and keep well lit.

  • Avoid window decorations that block light or view of front entry.

  • Use only safe pumpkin carving tools, light pumpkin with flame-less votive.

  • Place carved pumpkins outside to keep decaying smell and bugs outside.

  • Spend the evening with them, be available to help answer door, keep them safe.

  • When done with candy, or at dusk: Put sign on door, "Sorry No More Candy".

  • There is debate on turning off porch light, which can increase security risk


Don't leave an elder with Dementia or physical limitations home alone on Halloween...

  • Take them to a community event or family home, and return home after dusk.

  • Send a companion or professional to be with them from 4:00-10:00 or overnight.

  • Help them answer door and hand out candy if they wish.

  • Put out sign when done "Sorry No More Candy".

  • Watch movie or listen to music in another room away from front door if possible.

  • Be prepared; books, albums, crafts, favorite foods, etc. to enjoy and distract.

  • Follow dietary instructions; avoid over indulgence of chocolate or sugar.

  • Remember Halloween may not be a happy time for elderly with Dementia and may be scary or create added stimulation from doorbell, knocks, noise outside. Be sensitive to what they can tolerate and do your best to keep them safe and enjoy the evening with you.