Go Green. Shop at a Farmers Market

One of the best ways to stay healthy and keep the Earth healthy is to eat foods grown and raised locally. Farmers markets are the best place to pick up your favorite seasonal vegetable or farm fresh eggs, but you have to keep some tips in mind to make your trip smooth.

1. Stay in season. Produce that is grown nearby is subject to the climate and growing seasons. You’ll get the best pick if you shop for those items in season rather than looking for fruits and vegetables that don’t normally grow this time of year.

2. Pack your bags. Come ready with easy-to-carry containers so you can haul your haul around and home. Many shoppers opt for rolling shopping sacks or small wagons to carry their purchases.

3. Carry change. Shopping at farmers markets is not like your grocery store where you can swipe your debit or credit card. Be sure to bring plenty of small bills so that you can grab that single watermelon or ½ bushel of apples.

4. Listen and learn. Shopping at a farmers market is more than just getting good, fresh food. It can be a great learning experience—for the grandkids, or for you—about where and how food is grown. Talk to the farmers about their experiences!

5. The early bird…Farmers market vendors come with a set supply of products. Once they sell out, they are done for the day. Get there early to get the best selection of items.

6. Stick around. Although you may not have the best selection if you come later in the day, you might get a better deal on the items you do get. Vendors not wanting to return to their farms with products in hand might be willing to cut prices toward the end of the day.

7. Have fun! Shopping at a farmers market is more like an entertaining outing than a chore. Browse the sights and try a few new things and you will have a successful trip.