Fantastic Summer Tips for Seniors From AARP

Summertime is fun for all ages. It’s a time when you let loose, enjoy the great weather and everything that comes along with it. However, there can be some things to avoid, especially for seniors.

AARP explored some of these summer dangers in their Summer Survival Guide and we highlight a few of our favorite summer tips for seniors here.

Heat Exhaustion
It’s easier to get sick from the heat than you might imagine. To avoid heat exhaustion, wear lightweight clothing in layers that you can remove, stay in the shade as much as possible, and stay hydrated with cool, but not freezing cold, water.

Pesky Bugs
During the summer months, you are not the only one enjoying the weather. Insects like mosquitos, bees and wasps are also more active. Prepare yourself by spraying repellant, or use soybean oil or a citronella candle to keep them at bay. If you’ve been stung by a wasp or bee, get away quickly, remove the stinger and apply a topical steroid to calm the irritation.

Garden Falls
If you are at risk of taking a tumble in your yard, be sure to wear your medical alarm at all times. Most devices have a range wide enough to cover outside your house, and if you cannot be heard responding, medical professionals will be called to help.

Foot Care
Older people are more sensitive to temperatures on their feet such as hot sand. If you develop a blister from hiking, try to avoid popping it to prevent infections. You can apply cool green tea to reduce swelling.

Creepy Creatures
Nature is full of wonders like pristine lake waters and rippling ocean waves. However, many animals call those places home and can strike out if you get in their way. Carefully read any signs that might be posted about sharks, snakes, alligators or jellyfish and be caution when walking or swimming in new places.

Overall, summer is a great time to get out and enjoy yourself and time with your family. There are so many fun things to do when you just practice a little bit of precaution!