Celebrate National Caregivers Month

One Call Alert is a proud supporter of caregivers across the US and Canada. It is a time to acknowledge the important role that family, friends and neighbors play in caring for sick, elderly and disabled friends and relations. Caregivers offer a range of services, including emotional and spiritual support, assistance with financial matters, transportation and home- and health-related services.

Family caregivers provide an estimated $450 billion worth of uncompensated care to loved ones annually. In addition, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance, unpaid family caregivers will likely continue to be the largest source of long-term care services in the U.S. Given the statistics on the increase of the older population and rates of illness among older adults, a high number of people in the U.S. will likely take on caregiver responsibilities and experience a range of repercussions related to the time, activities and money that they must allot to caregiving.

Action Ideas to Celebrate Caregivers in November

What can you do to recognize caregivers during National Caregivers Month? Below are a few action ideas to celebrate caregivers in November and throughout the year:

Recognize caregivers in your community, in your organization and in your family. Host a get-together to honor caregivers in your family and/or community.
Locate a community care center or community space and organize a Caregivers Count awareness event.
Attend local town hall meetings and ask your representative what s/he is going to do to promote legislation that will help businesses develop more family-friendly caregiver policies.
Send an e-card to a caregiver.
Post on Facebook that November is National Caregivers Month and encourage your network to acknowledge caregivers in their families and communities.
Tweet about the importance of caregivers and resources available to caregivers.
America depends on caregivers. Let’s show our support and appreciation for their good work and achievements.

One Call Alert supports caregivers by providing a lifesaving emergency alert button service for those being cared for and peace of mind for the caregiver. Whether paramedics need to be summoned or a neighbor needs to come over and give a hand, with just the push a button, One Call Alert provides instant access to the right care for the situation. One Call Alert is the medical alert service that helps caregivers to take a few hours off, relax, and sleep well at night knowing their loved one is in good hands.