7 Fantastic Ideas for a Grandparent Summer Camp

The end of the school year is fast approaching, which means those little munchkins you call grandkids will be home for the summer. Whether you are privileged enough to live in the same city, or they will be visiting from somewhere else, you will want to come up with some ideas for how to entertain, or at the very least, occupy them!   Some grandparents’ mobility might be restricted and unable to go out and about to theme parks or the zoo with their grandkids, such as older adults who rely on a medical alert. However, there is no reason summer activities have to involve extensive walking or even cost a lot of money. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy quality time with your grandkids right in your own home.   Here are our favorite ideas for Camp Grandma. For more ideas, be sure to check our GrandParenting boardon Pinterest.  

fairy garden

  • Garden together.Whether you decide to grow veggies or plant flowers, getting kids involved in gardening teaches them about nature and science. They can also express their creativity bycreating a fairy gardenusing doll furniture or items from around the house.
  • Camp out inside.Pop the tent and snuggle up in sleeping bags, in the living room.S’mores taste just as goodwhen cooked in the oven as they do on a fire!
  • Investigate. Why exactly do oil and water not mix? What happens whenyou mix baking soda and vinegar? How is the water cycle explained? Find out how things work and see your grandkids’ wheels turning.
  • Get artsy or crafty.No matter the age of your grandkids, there is a craft that you can do together. Not only will you spend valuable time putting together thosefriendship bracelets or painting a picture, but you will also have something special at the end! Break out the yarn and n needles knitting and crochet are back in, you know!
  • Cook up something tasty.Grandkids aregreat taste testers, especially when it comes to cakes, cookies and other sweet treats! 

  • Game on! Teach your grandkids a card game or practice checkers, chess or dominoes. Board and table games have long been an indoor pastime, and you can reminisce about games from your youth while having fun.
  • Celebrate story time.Read your grandkid’sfavorite children’s book, or take turns reading poetry you love. Watch a documentary about a unique creature or culture, or put on your own live-action or puppet play.