12 Caregiver Emotions That Will Make you Feel

It is no secret that being a family caregiver is stressful. There is often a roller coaster of emotions, which you cannot control, that accompany the role.


The good news is you are not alone. There are large networks of family caregivers to which you can turn for advice, tips, or even just a listening ear. We know how caregiving can be a huge part of your life, so this week we’re highlighting the emotions you might experience. Not because you need to learn more about them, but just because you need to know you are not alone.   Here are 10 emotions caregivers go through, as explained in our favorite GIFs:  



You feel stressed and edgy and everything overwhelms you. This is normal, and these tips can help.


You only want what is best for the loved one you care for. Obsessing over details can lead to a lack of sleep which leads to our next emotion.


You feel like you did something wrong or that you are not doing enough. Caregiver guilt is common, but counterproductive. Read how to make it work for you.


You know what is best, right? Despite your well intentions, you will undoubtedly garner some suggestions from others. Do not take them as an indication that you are doing a poor job.


Even small things make you want to yell, scream and flail like a two year old. Anger does nothing but cause trouble.


Depression can really take a toll on your body: causing weight loss and lack of energy.


Maybe you feel like you are the only one stepping in and that others should really help out. Try venting to an objective third party like writing your notes in a journal or speaking to a counselor.


Even if you have not lost your loved one, you may feel as though the past has gone and you will never have similar good memories with that person.


You might feel like you are the only one dealing with this type of situation. You are not. This does not mean your situation is not unique, it just means you have some allies to lean on.


You love your family and it shows through your dedication to care for your loved one despite all the tumult of emotions you feel.
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